What Are Braces?

At Elite Orthodontics, we are proud to have the perfect corrective appliances for all of our patients’ orthodontic needs and goals. One of the most universally loved appliances for tackling even the most severe issues is braces. Braces are a time-tested appliance that comes in different materials and colors, but most types of braces use a system of brackets and wires to put consistent pressure on your teeth, so they begin to shift into place for your dream smile gradually. This appliance has been around for generations but has been refined in recent years so you can enjoy an optimized treatment experience.

It’s essential to our team that your treatment is completely tailored to you, and that begins with choosing the right type of braces for your lifestyle. Elite Orthodontics offers self-ligating, gold self-ligating, ceramic, and traditional metal braces.


Self-ligating braces are the latest technology in braces that have taken the field of orthodontics by storm. Compared to traditional metal braces, self-ligating braces are more sleek and effective. Rather than traditional steel brackets with rubber bands, these braces use sliding door technology, so the archwire slides through the brackets with almost no friction. We will still have you come in for adjustments like you would in traditional braces, but the appointments are much quicker. Rather than having to replace individual ligatures, we can take advantage of the opening and shutting of the self-ligating brackets to make adjustments faster. Throughout treatment, we will tighten the wire and make changes to your appliance to ensure your teeth and jaw have consistent pressure.

There are many benefits to this cutting-edge technology, such as being easy to take care of and clean. There are no elastics for you to maneuver your toothbrush and floss around, and it’s much easier to navigate around the smooth brackets. We’ve found that self-ligating braces are often more effective than traditional metal braces, and many of our patients have enjoyed stunning results because of this appliance. Beyond function, our patients appreciate that this appliance has a much sleeker appearance than other types of braces.

Gold Self-Ligating

While there aren’t any colored elastics for you to choose from, we offer self-ligating braces in gold so you can still show off your personality during treatment. This appliance is just as sleek and effective as the silver version, but it gives you the opportunity to pick your favorite finish. No matter which type of braces you choose, our team of highly-skilled orthodontic experts is ready to help you begin your journey to an elite smile.


We understand that some patients love the consistently stunning results of braces but prefer an appliance that is a little more discreet. Ceramic braces are the perfect blend of effective braces and natural aesthetics so you can get the best of both worlds with your appliance. Instead of using steel brackets for these braces, we use clear ceramic brackets that blend with the look of your natural smile. This way, you can enjoy a less visible treatment without sacrificing the fantastic results you deserve. One important thing to remember about ceramic braces is that they’re less durable than traditional metal brackets, making you more likely to experience breakage.

Traditional Braces

Metal braces are a staple that has helped generations of patients achieve better smiles that last a lifetime. This appliance is known for consistently creating stunning results that help improve patients’ oral health and aesthetics. While this type of braces has been used for years, our office has adopted the most modern version of the appliance, so you benefit from an updated treatment experience. Dr. Aliu and the rest of the Elite team are skilled at using traditional metal braces to help you get a smile that inspires confidence.

We attach steel brackets to each of their teeth for this classic orthodontic treatment and thread a metal wire through each bracket. Then, we use elastics to fasten the wire to brackets. We’ll adjust the wire throughout the treatment process, so there is consistent pressure on your teeth to move them into the perfect positions. You can color coordinate the elastics to holidays, their favorite sports teams, and more. While these braces are the most noticeable appliance, they’ve stood the test of time because they help patients like you get happier and healthier smiles that last a lifetime.