At Elite Orthodontics, we are proud to offer next-level orthodontic care to patients of all ages. Our team is passionate about helping the next generation of patients achieve smiles that will help them grow up with confidence. We understand your child deserves a corrective treatment process that is comfortable and effective. Dr. Aliu easily connects with our younger patients and eases them through their treatment while providing top-of-the-line service. One of the best tools we have to treat an array of orthodontic issues is braces. Our practice offers regular self-ligating braces and gold self-ligating braces to help your child start the journey to a lifetime of stunning smiles.

When Should I Bring My Child In For Treatment?

It is much easier to treat teeth and jaws that are still growing, so we suggest bringing your child in as early as seven years old. By this age, they will have a few permanent teeth, and Dr. Aliu can see if there are any areas of concern. When you bring your child in for early treatment, we can prevent minor orthodontic issues from worsening and becoming more substantial problems.

While there are many benefits to early treatment, it may not always be in your child’s best interest to get braces right away. Our team is dedicated to honesty and quality care, and we will only suggest your child begin treatment if it best serves their future oral health and aesthetics. Even if they don’t start braces right away, we may keep them under observation, so we better understand their mouth if we begin treatment later.

What Should I Expect When My Child Begins Orthodontic Treatment?

When your child starts treatment, there will be a short adjustment period while they get used to the feel of their appliance and the sensation of their teeth shifting. Typically, children adjust to the feeling of braces much quicker than adults. If your child feels discomfort, we suggest they take over-the-counter pain medication or use braces wax on the parts of their appliance that are bothering them.

Another important thing for your child to remember as they get used to their braces is to avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods. These foods will pull at wires and break brackets, potentially prolonging their treatment and causing unnecessary pain. To protect their treatment progress, your child should stick to soft and easy to chew foods.

We want your child to achieve the best oral health and aesthetics possible, so they must continue their dental hygiene routine throughout treatment. It can be tricky to clean around the appliance at first, so they should take a few extra minutes to work their toothbrush and floss underneath wires and around brackets. It’s also essential they continue seeing their general dentist throughout treatment. While Dr. Aliu has the training of a general dentist, orthodontists focus on a particular area of your oral health. Both types of doctors are essential to your child achieving a happier and healthier smile, so they should continue attending their cleanings and other scheduled visits.

Treatment Options

Your child is one-of-a-kind, and we want to create a treatment plan that is just as unique as them. We understand that kids have different orthodontic needs and goals, and they need an appliance that will help them get a beautiful smile that lasts. Elite Orthodontics is proud to offer various types of braces for you and your child to choose from, so they never have to compromise to get what they want. The appliances we offer include:

Self-ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are the latest technology in braces that have taken the field of orthodontics by storm. Compared to traditional metal braces, self-ligating braces are more sleek and effective. Rather than traditional steel brackets with rubber bands, these braces use sliding door technology, so the archwire slides through the brackets with almost no friction. Patients appreciate that self-ligating braces are easier to clean, have a sleeker appearance, and require less time during adjustment appointments. While there aren’t any colored elastics for your child to choose from, we offer these braces in gold so they can still show off their personality during treatment.

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces are a staple that has helped generations of patients achieve better smiles that last a lifetime. We attach steel brackets to each of their teeth for this classic orthodontic treatment and thread a metal wire through each bracket. Then, we use elastics that fasten the wire to brackets. We’ll adjust the wire throughout the treatment process, so there is consistent pressure on your child’s teeth to move them into the perfect positions. Your child can color coordinate their elastics to holidays, their favorite sports teams, and more.

Ceramic Braces

We understand that some patients love the consistently stunning results of braces but prefer an appliance that is a little more discreet. Ceramic braces are the perfect blend of effective braces and natural aesthetics so you can get the best of both worlds with your appliance. Instead of using steel brackets for these braces, we use clear ceramic brackets that blend with the look of your natural smile. This way, you can enjoy a less visible treatment without sacrificing the fantastic results you deserve. One important thing to remember about ceramic braces is that they’re less durable than traditional metal brackets, making you more likely to experience breakage. If you know that your child will be careful with their appliance and prefer the look, this may be the perfect option for their needs.